New season, more space

It was an excellent opening night for Gardening for Good last week. Having expanded to three plots this year has made an incredible difference already — last week’s program allowed 22 people to spend time in the garden (simultaneously); truly meeting the goals of gardening together across all abilities. Tami and Doug planted peppers–both hot and sweet. Felix and Ken worked on mulching all the planted beds. Anne planted beans in our new plot, while Randy, Joseph and Pat resurrected and relocated our blue bottled tree. Daniel designed a keyhole garden in which Edward planted bush beans, while John and Julie obviously planted the potatoes. Sally and Lisa weeded the strawberry patch beneath the apple tree, while Hannah, Cory, “Marcus”, Marge, Andy and Bird built a trellis, then planted tomatoes–indeterminate in the back row, determinate in front. With another plot to garden this season, we had more space to roam, more opportunity to mingle, and more gardening to do — all that should keep us coming back!


One comment on “New season, more space

  1. carol christopher says:

    Sounds like a wonderful evening! Sorry I had to miss it. Will miss gardening tonight but rain is good 🙂

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