“Growing food. Growing minds. Together.”

Last week presented us with another lovely G4G. It was overcast once again. We subtlety rejoiced that we didn’t even need to erect the clumsy blue tent for shade’s sake, and then we got right to work…
Marge and Julie harvested our first crop of potatoes. There was some weeding and some watering and lots of tomatoes! Rodrigo and Randy planted kohlrabi in the vacant bed where Jon and Randy had planted radishes in the spring, and where Laura and John later harvested said radishes. Therese and Sally planted kale and parsley in the raised bed that Steve and Carol dug up the week prior. We really share this garden.
Following our period of garden work, all 25 of us circled up for a storytelling session, orchestrated by Marge. It was special to all come together in an activity that included every single person. Each person drew a word from Marge’s basket of words, and shared a story about their word. With Todd’s help, Jo Jo explained to us that he loves to dance, and how he speaks with his body. Pat described the means by which horses sense human emotion through breath. Edward expressed how he enjoys hearing the Beatles sing. Each one of us drew a different word from the basket, and we all shared a story.

Here are a handful of photographs from the night:

We hope to see you all this Thursday. We have calendula salve and dried flower art on the agenda!


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