Celebrating Salsa

Our gathering began a bit early last week, around 5:30pm, as it usually does. Lucky for us, Lisa brought reading material. She had picked up several copies of the Northside News, which had the article in it that Marge wrote about G4G, as well as a photo of us!

Just before six o’clock, the sun tucked itself behind a large front of clouds. It was a welcomed change in the sky, after a sunny and dry week. We even brought our yoga and mindfulness routine out from under the tent!

We then dispersed in the garden to see what needed to be done. Randy and Laura gave all the soil much needed water, but not before Anne and the troops harvested kale, collards, summer squash, some little cucumbers, and delicious red rose tomatos! Carol and Steve worked on digging up the bitter, flowering mesclun from the raised bed. We decided that we will plant some variety of kale this coming week in that bed. Rick watered and deflowered basil in the raised beds, while Andy and Daniel mulched around the plants. Meanwhile, Todd and Jo Jo made sure to cover all the bare soil in our garden with straw.

Later in the evening, John presented two of his freshly-made salsas: red tomato and green tomatillo. To each of his salsas, along with their respective tomato, John added onion, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, and salt. While the red was subtly sweet, and the green was tangy, they each were delicious in their own right. They both were bursting with fresh, savory bites charged by onion, garlic and cilantro. We all enjoyed these salsas together, excited that such wonderful flavor combinations can be created in a garden like ours, and comforted in knowing John made these salsas with love, for us to all enjoy together.

Here are some photos from the evening…


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