A Special Night

July 23, 2015

It was a very hot night, with no breeze. Yet, everyone started to do the work of weeding, watering, harvesting. We pulled and picked garlic, onions, pac choy, summer squash, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini. The zinnias are bright and colorful at the front of the garden. Calendula and bachelor buttons bring cheerful color to the back of the garden.

It was a special night at the gardens. Toby and Denero got on a trailer twice, once coming to visit us at the gardens and once going back to their home in the country. Jeff drove them to the gardens in their trailer that they are used to traveling in.

Marge takes care of them at their home in the country. Tonight, she picked a really appreciative group of people who would lavish them with touch and scent and sound. What an experience to have so many people admiring their power and beauty. And they seemed to love the abundant grass and sweet clover.

We learned that Toby was a wild mustang who had lived in the West. He has lived with Marge for many years now, and knows her well. He knows Denero, and the other horses that they both live with.

Last year Denero was very excitable. There was too much new for him to be able to relax. But this year, he is older and he remembers where he was last summer. He remembers all of the touch and admiration that he felt from so many kind people. Marge showed how to breathe into his nostrils so that he could feel the emotions of the person, and know what is going on in order to feel safe.

Look at all of the happy faces!


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