Mulberry pudgie pies & a miniature goat

Carrie Simon, pudgie pie chef

Carrie Simon, pudgie pie chef

Quincy & Tyrion

Quincy & Tyrion

This past Thursday at Gardening for Good, we welcomed two special, very distinguished, guests: Carrie Simon, local pudgie pie expert, and Tyrion, playful, one year-old miniature goat–brought from Heartland Farm Sanctuary by Quincy and Kay. We all had a blast together!

Mulberry cream cheese pecan pudgie pie

Mulberry cream cheese pecan pudgie pie

Carrie Simon, co-author of Pudgie Revolution!, joined us to share her fondness and wisdom of pudgie pies. We had so much fun talking about the endless fillings that could go into a pudgie pie. Our plan was to harvest some mulberries from the trees around the chicken coop to use in our pies. Everyone joined in the harvest, nibbling the dark juicey berries along the way. We got a wood fire going, crafted our pies using various breads, cream cheese, pecans, chocolate, and granola, and then cooked them up in cast iron pans. We burned some, we overfilled some, we didn’t sweeten some enough, and many turned out perfect! It was was so much fun brainstorming new pudgie combinations, learning from others’ mistakes, and sharing the tasty pies with everybody! And it is neat to think that our main ingredient–the mulberry–was in season and as local as can be (about 20 ft from our wood feuled grill).


gathering mulberries

Carrie demonstrating to Kate, Sarah, & Jon

Carrie demonstrating to Kate, Sarah, & Jon


pudgie party

Our evening's guests, Tyrion and Carrie

Our evening’s guests, Tyrion and Carrie

Andy & Tyrion

Andy & Tyrion

All the while, everyone enjoyed meeting Tyrion, Quincy, and Kay, and introducing them to Troy Gardens and our G4G plot. Tyrion loved climbing up on the massive stumps beneath the fruit trees. He wasn’t a fan of the mulberry fruit, but nibbled at the mulberry leaves. While we all were saying goodbye at the evening’s end, Carrie knelt down to the goat, and held out the last of our pudgie pie scraps. He happily chewed it down in many quick bites, providing everyone with an entertaining and fitting closing scene to the night.

Oh yeah, and before all that, we did find some time for weeding, watering, and more calendula collecting. And we added grapeseed oil to the dried calendula that we had collected prior. The project continues! Here is a short article that Tami found for us. It does a nice job concisely outlining calendula’s special properties: (article coming)

Our garden plots are looking beautiful. Shelly spotted a hummingbird enjoying our zinnias the other day! There will be lots of work for us in the garden when we meet again next week, July 9th!

REMINDER- There is no gathering this week (7/2), due to Fourth of July weekend. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

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