Gardening for Good 2014, 8th night

The eighth night-already. We’ve had well timed rainfall through the season. But this evening, things were especially dry, and needed to be watered. This will give the plants encouragement to continue to grow and thrive.

John Bell talked about the dishes that he had prepared from his garden, pico de gallo and pesto. Pico de gallo starts with tomato, pepper, onion and cilantro, the main ingredients. John passed around cilantro plants, one that was more green, and one that had gone to seed. The seeds of the cilantro are coriander, and the flavor is different than the fresh cilantro. There were many sniffers and adventurous tasters.

The next delight for the sense of smell was pesto. It is made from basil, garlic, olive oil, salt, parmesan cheese, and pine nuts.The smell and the taste are a signature of this time of the year when the basil has grown large enough to be harvested. Basil made into pesto is a glorious enticement to just take in the aroma, to try to be patient for the taste.

Everyone was served a lovely bowl of pesto, pico de gallo, and chips.

Other treats were enjoyed also-fruits and vegetables in season now. Kenna harvested kale from our garden and made kale chips for all to sample and enjoy. It is such a regular part of everyone’s life, to have meals. But in the garden, with others, our pleasure in eating links us to each other and to every other creature who relishes their meal.

Blog entry by Pat.


“But though an old man, I am but a young gardener”. John as told to him by Thomas Jefferson

John sharing tips on pico de gallo and pesto




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