Gardening for Good 2014, 4th night

The weather has been nearly perfect for the first three gatherings. We all know, a little rain must fall. And it did-for days. There had been tornado warnings during the previous several days, and severe storm damage occurred in places around Madison. Rather than risk being caught in dangerous and stormy weather, the meeting was moved to a nearby restaurant, Brat und Brau. It was a wonderful gathering place for a large group. The staff were welcoming and helpful.

We started by enjoying a taste of food passed around, or a meal, with conversation around the table or in booths to the side. Who can pass up onion rings? Our activity was woven into conversation, and we each decorated a card that had a prompt word. The words were evocative, such as fun, laughter, delicious, helping etc. Each person used their word to tell a story about the garden. The definition of prompt is to encourage or assist a hesitating speaker. It was so lovely to hear the heartfelt stories that came about with this gentle assist. Everyone listened as the storytelling went around the table. Each person had a chance to say something about the garden from their point of view.

Rain or shine, storytelling with friends is a great way to spend an evening.

Blog written by Pat.


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