Gardening for Good 2014, 3rd night


It was a perfect evening. The first part of the night we spent in the garden planting different beans and watering the plants. The basil was coming in and it smelled so delicious that Laura couldn’t get enough of it. On the other side of the garden Randy planted an oak tree, which was very exciting for us all.

We only spent a short amount of time gardening because it was a very special night, Marge brought her horses! She brought Toby, who had been to the garden before, as well as her newer horse, Dinero, which was his first time at the garden. We were in such awe by their beauty that it was a very mellow evening. We all had a chance to pet the horses, and many different people from the neighborhood also came by to see the beautiful creatures.

Once we were done playing with the horses we paraded around the garden with signs to hang on the gardens which we thought were beautiful. It was amazing to see how many different kinds of gardens there were and how happy we all were to walk around together and let others know how awesome their gardens look after spending so many hours on them. Afterwards we headed back to our garden and had some delicious snacks and chatted with our friends. It was such a beautiful night and every week seems to be even more enjoyable than the last.

written by Zoe!


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