Gardening for Good 2014, 2nd night

On our 2nd night in the garden, there was a bumper crop of lettuce to be picked. It had been in the hoop house since it was planted last Fall. The spinach that had been planted in early Spring was also ready to pick. Doug took on the daunting job of putting ALL the lettuce and spinach into bags so that everyone who wanted could take some home with them. There was a LOT of lettuce. Everyone got to work with more planting, weeding, watering, building a trellis.

Trish O’Kane is a wonderful teacher who knows about the birds of Troy Gardens. We all walked to the edge of the woods. and when we got there, Trish asked us to close our eyes for a minute, and to LISTEN! We could recognize different bird calls. We heard robin, cardinal, crow, mourning dove, chickadee, red-winged blackbird, baltimore oriole . . . and maybe more.

We learned that when the female robin is sitting on the nest in the evening, the male brings her the last of the food he has collected for the day, and then sings a good night song to her before he goes to roost for the night, with the other male robins in the neighborhood.

Thanks to everyone who worked in the garden, to Trish, and to the birds who help keep our trees healthy by eating insects and spreading seeds!



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