Gardening for Good 2014, 1st night

A Glorious First Night of the Season

May 29, 2014. The weather could not have been prettier. The tent was set up, with chairs, treats on a table to the side, plants in the garden. But wait-first things first. People started arriving, happy to see one another, happy to be back, some people coming for the first time. Warm greetings and conversation, name tags for everyone, and then-to work planting. There was weeding to do, planting of vegetables, watering, tomato cages to be put up and anchored. The action seemed chaotic, with people and plants everywhere. But soon, with everyone lending a hand, the garden was planted, watered, and looked full of promise.

People next sat down to hear Jill Schneider give a brief introduction to Troy Gardens. Rebecca spoke for a short time, welcoming everyone. Next, Marge Pitts shared her thoughts about our dearly loved Gardenstory salons. There was time for everyone to say something about being in the garden, what they liked about it, or something that they noticed. Everyone had words to share.

Welcome to our beautiful garden!



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