Gardening for Good 2013, 11th night


In the heart of this cold winter’s night, I treated myself to a trip down memory lane by viewing last summer’s Harvest Potluck and Drumming Celebration’s vibrant photos. I love all of the color and the huge smiles. It is clear that people’s lives are enhanced by being connected through our love of gardening.

Special thanks goes out to Gene from Canella Culinary for sharing his gastronomic talents with us, and making the potluck run smoothly!

Also, special thanks to Deenah from Ruah Drumming, for helping lead us in our collective drumming session. You bring in the magic!

And biggest thanks of all to the Gardening for Good participants of 2013! Once again, this gathering of gardeners has helped us to experience the true sense of what it means to be a neighbor, to care about each other, and share our deepest kindness.

As my farmer friend Harold and I always used to say, it’s going to be different next year…indeed it will be!!


One comment on “Gardening for Good 2013, 11th night

  1. Linda Danielson says:

    So happy for you, Rebecca, and all of your gardening friends! What a lovely community this has become. Best wishes in the new year!

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