Gardening for Good 2013, 10th night


Our evening started out with our festive celebration of JoJo’s birthday. The picture that was on the cake was a image from a couple weeks back of JoJo making a flower bouquet! Cute! And Yummy!!! I think all of us kind of settled in to visiting mode following the cake and ice cream, and our chores took a hiatus while we celebrated heartily with our friend, JoJo. We also got a chance to sing Happy Birthday to Ken, too, as his birthday is tomorrow!

Tonight in our mini-workshop, The Gardenstory Salon III, we decided we were going to turn our faces to the light, and focus our attention on the incredible good fortune that has come to us this summer by writing thank you cards. The supported gardeners expressed their gratitude to all of our mini-workshop hosts from this season, and let them know how much we truly appreciate the incredible generosity bestowed on us by them sharing their creative gifts. We are truly grateful.

It was extras special that the cards we used for our thank-yous were created by JoJo. Thanks for your contributions, JoJo!!


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