Gardening for Good 2013, 7th night

It was a scorcher today, the National Weather Service said…take it easy! In spite of their kind suggestion, there were still 20 of us that gathered on this sultry evening to share in our garden chores, our Gardenstories, and some yummy snacks. I had offered early on this season for everyone to determine for themselves if the weather was unsuitable on any given Thursday night. I knew that unless there were active thunderstorms, I would always be there, and anyone that wishes could join me.

It was perfect that we had Gardenstory Salons as our mini-workshop tonight. This kind of heat conjures up the image of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair drinking lemonade and spinning a story. We did just that. Marge had gathered our stories from our June 27 Salon and wove them into a collective story that will appear in the next issue of the Northside News. We each read the portion of the story that we had written, filling in for folks that weren’t there. Following the debut of our collective story, we each told our version of what we like to do to stay cool on a hot summer’s night. It was fabulous how we embraced the heat, and shared our personal relationship with it.

Ken’s 68th birthday is tomorrow! View the YouTube to join in our merry song for Ken.


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