THE GARDEN BASKET…Written by Gardeners for Good…Woven by Marge Pitts

Gardening for Good is a program at Troy Community Gardens, developed by Rebecca Starke. Now in its second year, G4G pairs people with and without disabilities in a shared garden plot. Among other fun activities, participants engage in a G4G writing salon called Gardenstories. The following poem was created from that rich reservoir.

2013-07-18 19.15.45

Imagine a basket, woven of voices. Each voice fragile as a blade of grass, and the weaving irregular;
yet this basket is strong enough to carry home the fruits of Gardening for Good. Marge P.

We planted watermelon in straw bales, sunflowers. Pulled weeds. We are growing tomatoes. –Ken A.

I want dirt. Sun and water! What’s good is the vegetable part. Eat! That’s what I want. –Kate K.

Come out to pick veggies. You get out in the sun. –Sarah B.

Little basil turns into big basil. Dig several holes in the dark soil. Plop the basil root first in the ground. Water basil vigorously. –Steve S.

The peppers are good. I like the spice ones. Counting the peppers, eating the peppers. –Doug K.

I enjoy pulling mulch for the ground. In return it helps the plants grow along with the sun. –Jojo D.

I live at Troy Gardens, it’s my home. I love the birds at Troy Gardens. They’re my friends. It’s fun to garden together. –Marge M.

I helped put all sorts of flowers in bottles. We made arrangements for the tables at the Good Food Garden Party. –Rick L.

I like pumpkins to grow for Halloween and pie. I like to bake the seeds I dig out. –Edward E.

Pull weeds, spray water on everything. We put up signs in people’s gardens that said, “I like your garden,” and we signed our names. –Julie S.

I like cucumbers and onions. I am growing them in my garden. My favorite thing is getting in the dirt. –Andy B.

I remember watching my mom in the garden when I lived in the country. I would go out and see her in the garden and look at the plants she was planting. “How is that seed going to come up as a potato?” I thought. –Laura W., also known as Wind Turbine.

When we garden together, not only are we cultivating a bounty of fruits from the Earth, we are tapping into a powerfully positive source of joy. Side by side with our neighbors, we celebrate our harvest of good food and good friends. Rebecca S.


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