Gardening for Good 2013, 6th night

Thanks to a lovely rain this week, our garden, especially the squash, has really taken off. We took some time to figure out how we might rein it in using some posts and netting. This will be a fun experiment, how to control lovely healthy squash!

Thanks to the generosity of Terry at Abundance Acres, Mary from HyVee, and friends Helen and Melanie, as well as some of my own flowers, we had a spectacular array of Bountiful Blossoms for our mini-workshop tonight…Flower Arranging. Mary and Terry, both long time florists, provided some helpful tips and ideas. Terry showed us how we could take some curly willow, strip off the leaves, and submerge a spiraled portion in the water of our vase to create a living “frog” to stick the flower stems into. It’s a beautiful and helpful hint!
Also, do you know why you strip off the leaves from the stems before putting them in water in your vase? As the greenery breaks down in the water, it will encourage bacteria growth, which will shut down the water absorbing ability of the stem.
For those of us (and I think it was all of us that night) that LOVE flowers, we were in FLOWER HEAVEN. It was so fun to see the unique and gorgeous bouquets that emerged as the evening went on. I also witnessed the generous and thoughtful act that happens when people give a bouquet of flowers to another person. It is universally understood that this kind act is a way to convey affection and good will.

We were fortunate enough to once again have a journalist from “Madison Commons” come to observe and interview us in action at Gardening for Good. Sean was the reporter that attended our gathering, and he seamlessly moved through the crowd interviewing people as they arranged their bouquets. I wish I had gotten a picture of him riding the bus home with his gift of a bouquet in hand! An article will be posted in their online publication sometime soon!
The aim of Madison Commons is to connect various layers of our communities together through communication. It is a collaboration between Madison citizens from every part of the city, as well as faculty and graduate students at the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication led by Professor Lew Friedland.

Big thanks to my sister Melanie and Aunt Shirley for making the trip to Wisconsin to be part of our Gardening for Good community! Your support means the world to me.


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