Companions, creating art side by side…by Pat T.

June 20, 2013

Pat and Marge creating

Pat and Marge creating

Marge and I each worked on a bead project. There was a wood piece at the top that held the string, and we strung beautiful beads or glass onto the string to make a lovely hanging object. It takes good hand-eye coordination to handle small pieces. And it takes aesthetic skill to pick just the right color, shape, and size to make something pleasing.

We both enjoyed the process, I think. There is something very compelling about making things by hand.

We didn’t visit too much while we were working, but we had visited before we started to work, and so it felt very companionable to work side by side.

The evening was lovely, surrounded by the Troy gardens. Everyone around was helpful if you needed something, and everyone seemed to really have fun making their own distinctive decoration.

I especially enjoyed working with Marge!


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