A Conversation with Laura…..by Terry (Cherry) Kisling

June 20, 2013

Laura, so full of light and natural wisdom, is our very own garden sprite.
Whether talking with Laura or listening to her enchanting thoughts, I am
always in a state of pure delight. She is wise and wickedly funny.

While watering the garden and planting together recently, Laura inquired what
fruit or vegetable I am. It didn’t take me long to answer “A Cherry”. A jubilant cherry.

I asked Laura what kind of fruit or vegetable she is, “Garlic”. “I eat it
raw” she exclaimed and when asked if she ate just a clove or the entire
bulb, she went on to explain that her favorite things to eat are raw
vegetables. “They are so much better for you when you don’t cook them”.
Yes, I agreed. And Yes, Laura eats the entire bulb raw.

I often cut up a clove of garlic and swallow it like pills when I’m sick,
but I have never heard of munching and enjoying the whole raw thing until
that night, enlightened by Laura.

So is this where wisdom and enchantment come from?

Anyone for sitting beneath a cherry tree and munching on raw garlic


One comment on “A Conversation with Laura…..by Terry (Cherry) Kisling

  1. carol says:

    Hello Cherry Terry and Garlic garden sprite Laura.! I enjoyed your story and am inspired to eat more garlic and cherries.

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