Gardening for Good 2013, 4th night


On this exquisite evening, we come together to see that not only is there beauty all around us, it is also within each one of us. In our time together, we discovered that through our actions, we have influence on bringing this beauty to our world.

Our garden has benefited greatly from the bounty of rain we have had so far. Now, these healthy plants are primed to capture the rays of the sun and convert this energy into fruits and flowers that feed us. We harvested butter-crunch lettuce from our table-top bed, and had this for our yummy snack tonight.

Following our garden chores this evening, we were given the opportunity to create glass and bead sun-catchers. Marcia, who teaches art through VSA and heads up community art projects, facilitated our group of artists to express ourselves creatively with glass and beads. The process of creating was as inspiring as the finished sun-catchers.

Thanks to Marcia, Lex, Pat, and Terry, for sharing your artistic gifts, and catalyzing the artists within each one of us.


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