Gardening for Good 2013, 3rd night


We began our evening celebrating Andy’s birthday, as he had plans to leave early for a night celebrating at Pedro’s! Thanks, Kenna, for the yummy Scotcheroos!

Our garden chores consisted of planting the pumpkins into our straw bales, planting zinnia and bachelor buttons, weeding, and mulching. We’ve had such generous rain that there was no need to water just yet.

We were immersed in gardening bliss, when suddenly we became aware of HORSES clop-clop-clopping down Troy Drive, right towards us…and just in time for The Garden Parade. Straight from Sunrise Stables in Oregon, lovely Toby and Tag, (accompanied by lovely Marge and Jeff), came to be our featured guests for the parade. We greeted our equine friends with wonder and awe, and generously offered up the beautiful green grass for them to feast on. Our coming together was a joyous lovefest!

We began our march through the gardens, Edward, Ken, and Kay in the lead. As we proceeded, we were attentive to the garden plots we passed. Our mission on this parade was to determine which garden plot was our favorite, and to attach our “I Love Your Garden” certificate to the one we loved. Toby, Tag, and the parade collective were like the Pied Piper, as people from all around Troy Garden came to join in the celebration!

Big thanks to Jeff from Sunrise Stable for providing the opportunity for Tag and Toby to join us for The Garden Parade. And Big thanks to Marge for helping make this magical event happen!


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