Gardening for Good 2013, 1st night

laura and marigolds
With delight and joy, our summer of fun has begun with Gardening for Good. It was kind of difficult trying to decide if the weather was going to cooperate to allow us to get our garden planted. The afternoon message to everyone was, yes, we’ll still meet….but please follow your own comfort level considering the weather forecast. It ended up that 19 gardeners (plus 2 pooches) attended on our first night, and we got the garden planted! Big time hooray!

Our plot has doubled this year, so it allows us to try a wider variety of vegetables. We are also experimenting with straw bale gardening. We’re still conditioning the bales in preparation of planting, we’ll keep you updated on how our experiment goes.

It was clear that friends we made from Gardening for Good last year were totally happy to reunite! Add to this the pleasure in meeting some new folks that joined us the first night! Andy and Kenna and Kurt and Marge and Julie and Rick and Zorro and Doug and Pat and Laura and Kate and Marge and Phyllis and Terry and Sarah and Jill and Mimi and Martha and Wink and Mary and Rebecca. Welcome, friends. So good to see you!

Jill and Marge were the hosts of our first introductory night mini-workshop. This was an introduction to Troy Gardens, and an introduction to our Gardenstory Salons. As we sat around after planting, snacking, storytelling, laughing, there began to be some clear indicators that the weather was about to turn. Right at our end time of 7:30, the clouds just couldn’t hold the heavy weight of the rain any longer. Drip drip drip…whoosh! This sent us all running to gather our things and get to our cars as quickly as possible. It was a doozey.


terry and julie

storytelling and storm

rick and mary

pat kenna andy

martha and terry

laura storytelling

laura planting

laura and pat

kate sarah doug phyllis

jill talking

jill and marge caging

dawn kate sarah


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