Making Doug’s 4-Alarm Hot Sauce


As long as I’ve known Doug, he has been a lover of hot sauce. All of his co-workers at Capital Centre Market certainly know it too, which was demonstrated by Doug receiving a lovely gift set of hot sauce as one of his gifts on his 25 year anniversary at Cap Center.

When Doug began to garden this year for the first time, he was attracted to the idea of growing his own hot peppers, and possibly making his own hot sauce. Well, the peppers are coming along nicely now, and we thought it was time to try making the hot sauce.

I looked up a simple recipe, which seemed to be well enjoyed by other folks that had made it.

I wish, however, it would have given some beginner’s warnings on what happens when you work with hot peppers.

Our first clue to this was when we began sautéing the jalepenos with the other ingredients, and the air became filled with the aroma of peppers….and whatever else was hiding in those fumes. We began coughing and sneezing, and had to set the pan of sautéing peppers aside. In spite of washing our hand well after working with the peppers, we both began having strong tingly sensations on our hands, and anywhere else we touched. My nose and cheeks, Doug’s cheek and eye.

Goodness, here it is 3 hours later, and my hands are still tingly. I’ve heard how the active ingredient in peppers (capsicum) is used for arthritis pain relief. I would definitely testify that it is penetrating and warming.

We set aside the batch of hot sauce for now, and will finish it in time for the Aug. 16 Harvest Party. You can bet the next time we work with the jalepenos, we’ll wear gloves, and maybe a hanky over our nose and mouth.

What we’ll do for culinary excellence!


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