Gardening for Good, 11th night

Gardenstory Salon

With the weather threatening rain, we decided to gather under the big striped tent by the shed. It was a Gardenstory Salon night, so being dry and comfortable was at the top of our list. Who would have thought that it would also be quite chilly on this early August day!

After harvesting our lovely produce,(notably the Hmong long beans and the purple bell pepper), it began to rain, so we gathered under the tent to begin our stories.

Due to cancelling our mini-workshop on July 5th because of extreme heat, we missed out on making pesto. Lucky us, tonight was the night to sample the pesto made with basil from our garden. Julie and Phyllis prepped the basil, and Sue made it us for us to sample during our stories. She also made up packages of pesto to take home, accompanied by suggestions on how to use it, ingredients, and how to store it. What a treat!

As the authentic expression of our stories unfolded, there was a reverent tone that welcomed all contributions: funny, touching, thought-provoking, honoring, reminiscing… For a time, we were gently woven into the (big beautiful black and yellow Garden) spider’s web of our Gardening for Good Community.

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