Gardening for Good, 8th night

The Garden Parade


We began our night in the usual way of tending to our now abundant garden. We spent time harvesting lettuce, basil, and Hmong long beans. Before long, our tomatoes are going to come on strong! And wonder of wonders (I shouldn’t say this too loud, shhh), the Japanese beetles have taken a hike.

Tonight was our night to parade around Troy Gardens in our festive and fun way in fancy hats, and other fabulous adornments…. bubbles, bells, recorders, shakers, juggling vegetables, magic tricks, Elvis sightings, and hearts full of celebration for our recent rain and abundant gardens. Forty fun folks gaily traipsed through the gardens, and placed certificates of appreciation on our favorite gardens.

Taking the time to walk around and appreciate the gardens gave me the renewed sense of delight in the beauty of each garden, and of this lovely community garden at Troy.

Some of the Parade Attendees


Axel Juggling Veggies and Fruit


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