I had lots of fun…from Julie

From Julie’s journal 5/30/12

I had Lots of fun dont Gardens on Thuresday night That was my frist time work in the Gardens. Went I was on that (Hwy) 151 my Dad work in the Gardens plant potoes carrotoes yellowbean Lettuce onions peppers beets Greenbean My Dad Had a Barn the same colors then you got in the Gardens Red one two Lawn Gardens Strufferns in the Barn colors it Red one two and on that 151 my mom Dad Sandy Julie Jerrilyn Was Living on the farm Sandy had a horse Julie ride it up in the landy my Gardman had that four house right on 151 Went you go to Sun, prairie my East town Kmart cheeseplant plane there. right 151. We you go to Sun,prairie and my mom Saw a mouse in the house run a running the house and Julie saw it Everywhere in the house We seat a mousetape around Everybody door it cause up stand Went Julie was look for Some thing Julie have her hand in the Dresses drawes and she laves Dad Fo comming up stand and my Dad said Where do you saw a mouse was crew right on my hands stand a mouse tape in there dresses drawers Know that dresses drawers is in sun,Prairie right by my bed the Tu. is on that.
my mom had a old fashing washer mandreding my mom going to have all the man for dinner she toll Julie please Do not touch that washer mashing if you do and Julie help my mom wash clothing my mom said julie if you help me wash clothing I will be mad at you for know on my mom do not know what going on that day
thankyou. Julie.
my dad put Wheel Barrows in the Red Barn that was kind of borrows tonight at the Gardens plant Julie What a Radio there it will not got get Borrows there know more please can someone please bring a Radio to the Gardens Everytime please. We will have that Radio there and everybody will talk together more about that Gardens. I best so. or if everybody do not bring that Radio and it will get borrowes again to the Gardens and everybody mit my comming to the Gardens know more. I like to work here more learn more about the Gardens Work here How demp you have to plant the flower went will the flower grew and the vegethaber will grew to in the Gardens Julie leave a lot in the Gardens this Summertime every Thuresday night know on.
Thankyou. Julie like it here. for know.


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