Doug’s thoughts on Gardening for Good

By Doug July 12, 2012

First week of Gardening for Good

-We planted jalapenos. I liked it.
-It was cool and we had a fire. I stood next to the fire.

Second Week of Gardening for Good

-We listened to a speaker about birds. I can hear them every day in my backyard–Robins.
-I enjoy working with my new friend who is from Taiwan.
-We found a rabbit had eaten the jalapeno, so we put a fence around it. I think a Tarantula could have something to do with it too.

Seventh Week of Gardening for Good, July 12, 2012

Today I liked eating the jalapenos. It was the first pepper of the summer and I planted it near Dodge City! (That’s a joke. I like Gunsmoke, I’ve listened to it since it was on the radio). I borrowed the clippers from Rebecca and I clipped a pepper near the stem. I tasted it and then I passed it around to everyone. It tasted sweet! We’re going to leave the other peppers in the garden so they can get bigger.


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