Gardening for Good, 5th night

June 28, 2012

I think I read on my car thermometer that it was 97degrees around 3:00pm. I received several inquiries if Gardening for Good would be cancelled due to the heat. I know some peoples’ tolerance for heat is higher than other’s, and it seemed best that everyone make that decision for themselves. I let folks know I would be there, with our new EZ-up tent, and an industrial Thermos full of ice water. One way or the other, our garden is dry, and needs some attention.

After a lazy summer day start, we were able to get our weeds pulled, plants watered, and lettuce harvested. Plants are looking good. The tomato plant that produced the first tomato last week is showing signs of weariness, and is needing a rest to get back up and growing.

Marge Pitts hosted the mini-workshop this week, Garden Stories. We all took turns spinning a tale that reflected some spark we each have experienced from a garden perspective. One person would tell their story, and then select the next person to share their story. Sometimes it takes a bit of practice to find the right words and collect the confidence to tell our stories to others. Ours is a community of gardeners that express generosity in our listening and sharing.

Friends old and new came together tonight to pass the time and watch the corn grow.

Jessie is new to the Thursday night group, but not new to our garden. Jessie and Mike stop by the gardens during the day to water our precious plants. Not surprisingly, Jessie was keen on watering tonight, with Ben. Thanks for sharing your story, Jessie, and thanks, Angie for helping out with the story telling using facilitated communication with Jessie (“Wretches and Jabberers” style with a letter board).

Ken and Kay come to us for the first time tonight with years of garden service at Olbrich Gardens. We are so glad you are here to share some of your special tricks learned from Olbrich.

The first week when I asked Julie if there was anything we could do to help make gardening fun for her. She immediately said “music! It makes everything more fun”. For those of you that know Julie from Camp Randall, you will know that the oldies station is her constant soundtrack while she’s working. This tradition continues at Gardening for Good. Doug is pleased, as this is his station of choice too.

Julie, Doug, Carol, Terry, Andy, JP, Sue, Marge, Jessie, Ben, Kay, Ken, Angie….you are gardeners and story tellers extraordinaire.



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