Gardening for Good, 4th night

June 21, 2012

On the fourth night of our Gardening for Good gathering, it is with pleasure I say that the garden is flourishing and looks well loved. We actually picked and ate our first tomato tonight, as well as some radish sprouts. JoJo, Yvon, and Helen made a couple trips to the leaf mulch so that we could keep our green friends cool and moist. Andy, Carol, and JP found some nice homes for the bright happy faces of some marigolds. Rick and Mary did the same for some bright tall zinnia. These will be a nice contribution for our cut-flower workshop in a couple weeks that Mary will host.

Julie and Angie lovingly tended and watered their flower crop—celosia, petunia, sunflowers, and heavenly blue morning glories. Doug and Phyllis gave their happy/healthy hot peppers some water and attention, while Phyllis’ friend, Cassidy, got to lend a hand.

We also had a chance to tend the previous year’s best crop of THISTLES! Even with all of the mulch, they continue to pop their green prickly heads our of the soil, searching for the light of day. With little sympathy for their thwarted efforts, we dug in the dark soil as deep as we could to put them out of our misery. They are persistent little thangs.

Hannah joined us for the first time tonight, and enjoyed taking in the hub-bub of the garden tasks at hand. She brought a favorite book, and shared some of highlights with folks as they passed her.
Our wonderful northside alder, Anita Weier, was the host of the mini-workshop tonight. She talked about the idea of being a good citizen, and encouraged all of us to consider registering to vote, and participating in the process of choosing the person that represents our best interest. In this election year, it is a good time to think about what we may do now to be ready to cast our vote in November.

Anita takes a special interest in helping keep the northside’s beautiful open space and green space a place for all to enjoy for years to come. Thanks for all you do to help make the northside a great place to live.









One comment on “Gardening for Good, 4th night

  1. Carol says:

    great blog! great project! look forward to more!

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