Gary, the compost King

Hi Rebecca,

Great for me to pass on information on tea making to the garden group. It was a pleasure (as a fellow gardener) to see the gardener’s focus on the weekly tasks with all the plants. I’m sure the plants love the attention. The winners of the two bags of sweet smelling compost were Marge and Miss Wind Turbine.

By now, they have found a home in the soil for tens of thousand of good bacteria. I mentioned to Miss Wind Turbine that I was going to the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair and all the info they have on wind technology. She asked if I would bring a windmill home for her to use. I told her my car was packed and I had no extra room. She replied that I could start moving the windmill one piece at a time.

I mentioned a book that is really good on soil health and a very good Christmas gift to a gardener. “Teaming with Microbes-The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web” by Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis.

Many thanks go out to Rebecca and her helpers for a super garden project that continues to grow.
Take care……..til…….Gary


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