Gardening for Good 1st night

Thursday, May 31
The first evening of gardening with the Gardening for Good project was a blast. While it was pretty cool out (53 degrees), I guess we showed how hardy we gardeners are.

Julie taking in the talk by Jill S.

In addition to the supported gardeners and volunteers, Jill J., the executive director of Community GroundWorks joined us and gave a lovely “welcome to the gardens” talk. I expressed how exited I am to begin our summer of gardening together. While we may have some basic gardening guidelines we follow for a healthy garden, our creativity and special garden interests will blossom as we go along. We will certainly learn from each other, and grow together.

Jill S. and Marge were the hosts of the first weeks’ mini-workshop. Jill’s talk was a great introduction to the role and responsibilities of being a fellow gardener. There are 330 garden plots, and we work to respect and support each other as we share in our interest in gardening.

Marge introduced our summer long project of writing/expressing our Summer Garden Stories. We have many fun ideas of what to do with our stories, including to post on our blog, include in newsletters, and compile into a book. Photos, drawings, and any other creative way of expressing is also encouraged. Marge will be the workshop host several times through the summer to help guide and encourage as we go along.

Doug is all smiles after planting his hot peppers

Rick and sister Mary planting Hmong red and green long beans

Todd and JoJo in the outdoor kitchen

Phyllis and Doug planting broccoli

Laura and Nicole under the blue bottle tree


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