Planning our 1st night

Gardening for good, 1st night

We are scheduled to have all 5 supported gardeners at our first gathering tonight. Laura with support person Nicole. Rick with support person Mary. Julie with support person Angie. Doug with support person Phyllis. JoJo with support person Todd. Additional support from Suzy. I will bring the snacks. We will start with a brief introduction from me before we begin getting our vegetables and flowers in the ground. I am pretty certain that the rain will be over for the day, and I hope the soil is dry enough to plant. This has been such a warm spring, with minimal late frost, so many other gardens at Troy have significant growth so far.

Here’s what I plan to say:

Welcome everyone to Troy Gardens, and our summer of gardening together. I’m so glad you all decided to be part of this project! We will call our group Gardening for Good, as there are many good things that happen when we spend time in the garden. Do you knows the person or farm that grows the food you eat? This summer, you will be able to answer that question by saying yes, you grew the food! You will know what it took to bring that juicy red tomato to your kitchen table. You’ll be able to imagine the warmth of the sun, the nourishment of the rain, and the rich smell of the soil that were all part of the process of bringing this tomato to your table. You will also have the chance to meet other gardeners that care about growing and eating yummy food.

Tonight, we’re going to split up the tasks to get our garden planted. When I first started working in this garden, it was full of weeds, and the soil was heavy and full of clay. With the help of Angie, Gabe, Karyn, Sharon, John, Susan, Ruthann, and some of the Hmong gardeners on the Troy Gardens workday, we pulled out the weeds, added some compost and manure, created the beds, put up the trellis, filled the table-top bed with dirt, and decorated the blue bottle tree. That’s our marker to help us find the garden when we come.

Let’s divvy up our garden chores for tonight.

  • Red and green long beans: Rick and Mary
  • Hot peppers: Doug and Phyllis
  • Sweet peppers: Laura and Nicole
  • Tomatoes: Laura and Nicole
  • Broccoli: Doug and Phyllis
  • Flowers – celosia, petunias, sunflowers: Julie and Angie
  • Table-top seed radishes: Julie and Angie
  • Spices – basil, thyme, summer savory, nasturtiums (edible flower): Laura and Nicole
  • Pick up some leaf mulch for the beds: JoJo and Todd

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